Thursday, June 6, 2013

Career Changes

Many changes have occured this year with my career in education.  I began yet another year, at Springer Elementary, teaching a precious group of 4th graders.  Circumstances led to my leaving the classroom as their teacher, into a mid management role at Rochell Elementary as their Campus Instructional Coach.  It was an extremely hard transition but has been so exciting and a stepping stone into what I desire which is my administrative degree so that I can be a campus principal one day.  More change occured when Mike Pitcher, who is the new principal at Billie Stevenson Elementary asked me to join him as his Campus Instructional Coach!  Opening a new school, and helping Mr. Pitcher staff the school has been so exciting.  It is an amazing and extraordinary experience to be able to open a new school and create a climate and culture.

As I spend my last day with the staff here at Rochell, it is bitter sweet.  I will especially miss my crazy partner in crime, Sharon.  She keeps me on my toes, laughing, and I just keep her on her toes!!! 

Here's to a new journey and greater things to come!

On another note.....Happy Birthday to my sweet Madeline (turns 8 today) and Keith (turns 37 today).  I love you both and am so thankful that you are MY FAMILY!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Madeline turns 6!!!

Madeline requested breakfast in your p.j.'s this year!  The kids all arrived at 9:00 am and we had a delicious menu of kid friendly breakfast items....fruit salad, homemade pigs in a blanket, cinnamon rolls, chocolate milk, orange juice, and of course, a DONUT CAKE!!!

After eating, the kids played outside in the playhouse and on the swing set.  Then, we headed to our community pool for swim time!  All in all it was a GREAT party; actually maybe the BEST one we have ever had.  It was great visiting with sweet mommies and watching our kids play.  (Didn't get any pics from the pool because my eyes were glued on the children)!

Love you Madeline; happy birthday baby!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Birthday Celebrations!!!

Keith and Madeline had a birthday last week!  One was 6 and the other was 35!!!  It was a great celebration with friends and family at the lakehouse.  We fried fish, went on walks, rode the golf cart, and enjoyed each other's company!!!  

Looking forward to posting pics of both the lake celebration and Madeline's official party tomorrow!!!  Love you both:)

Monday, March 7, 2011

My honey....

My honey and I have been enjoying each other's company so much lately!  We are really trying to give each other time together.  It has been so nice to go on dates, talk, watch t.v. together, and just hang out.  I am realizing more and more how special my sweetheart is.  I am so blessed and lucky to have a husband who puts me first.  He doesn't have hobbies outside of his family; he doesn't need to go "hang out with the guys"; he wants to be with us!  We are his priority!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


2010 was full of wonderful moments and hardships. That's what life is about though right? The highs and the lows and trusting God in ALL THINGS!

Madeline asked Jesus into her heart this year. That was a special moment:) She also started Kindergarten at Springer. I am truly amazed at what she is doing...especially in math! God has blessed me with two bright children and I realize that is something to be thankful for! She is playing her first sport; basketball. I was a little sad that she didn't want to dance this year but she was insistent that she wanted to "play ball." Well, she is on a co-ed team and their first game is excited for her!

Grace began a new experience at a new school this year. She is thriving at WPA and we are so thankful for how God is working in and through her life. It's wonderful for her to be in a place where Christian morals and values are taught and expected. I am also amazed at her growth academically. She is in 3rd grade (which is what I teach too). She is doing long division and long multiplication!!! We don't even master multiplication in 3rd grade at public school....just blows my mind! I am also so impressed with Grace's maturity in the area of responsibility and taking care of herself. Don't get me wrong....she's still a little "mother hen" but she means well! She begs me constantly for a phone and a facebook account and an email address. Of course, there is no way that she is getting those but it's amazing that we are at that level now! UGH....already having to explain that "just because other's do something or have something doesn't mean you will...."

Keith and I are great! We celebrated our 12th year of marriage in 2010. He is still my best friend and my shoulder. I am so blessed to be married to such an amazing man.

Other exciting family news! Mom and dad celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on New Year's Eve! Leslie and Gregg are pregnant with their first baby...he or she is due July 27th! Jennifer and Randy were married in August! I got to go to Chicago with one of my dearest friend, Julie, in November. It was her 40th birthday and I am so glad that Keith didn't mind me going!

There have been struggles in 2010 too. I have a family member struggling with drug addiction. My grandmother (aka "mamaw") is having to move to Plano because she can't live in Longview alone anymore....that is a painful experience for her and as a result painful for us. My dad is having some health issues; ones I won't discuss in this forum but that are heavy on my heart. My sister's custody fight isn't quite over yet.... and I could go on and on. You know, I heard a message the other day and the speaker said "people often ask 'why is God allowing this to happen? Why isn't He saving me from this heartache?' God gave the ultimate sacrifice many years ago when He gave His Son for me. He saved me from heartache the moment I accepted his sacrificial gift. We will go through struggles in this life and may even ask 'why' at times. That's okay....however, we must move from that phase and not get stuck there. We must accept the things that we can't change and trust God's will whether it's our will or not."

Through all that's going on (especially in my personal family) I am learning that I must trust. I cannot control the things that are happening. I cannot stop them. I don't like them. They make me sad and sometimes angry. Ultimately though, God has a perfect plan and never promised me happiness on this Earth. My reward is not in this life but in eternity.

Happy New Year! Looking forward to what lies ahead:)

Friday, December 24, 2010

More Christmas 2010

Keith and I took the girls to see Santa at Bass Pro on Wednesday. It was fun; the wait was crazy but it wasn't too bad! I did feel badly for people with little bitty ones; they weren't as patient!

After that, we went looking at Christmas lights. Saw some beautiful ones in The Shores!

Thursday night, we met mom and dad at the early Christmas Eve Service at Lakepointe Church. It was amazing (as always). We took some fun photos afterwards complete with Grann and the girls throwing snow on everyone.

Today, in the car, we used my new iphone to read the account of Christ's birth found in Luke. It was very special as Madeline requested to hear it. I've read it many times in the past but this is the first time she asked and will probably remember!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Holidays

The holidays have been busy for us already! As a matter of fact, we are pretty much done with the family makes it nice because we are able to relax from here on out and just focus on the girls!

Thanksgiving occurred a few weeks ago at my Aunt's house in Georgetown. Everyone was able to make it so it was a WONDERFUL time. It had been years since we were all able to be together. Aunt Laurie and Uncle Lee bought a nice piece of property about a year ago and it was beautiful!

We had the entire Harris family here last weekend. That was nice too! I was able to keep my stress level in check by making sure everything was simple and organized. We had a GREAT time and it was especially nice celebrating Leslie and Gregg's news....they are expecting a baby!

Today, Keith's parents and brother and sister were able to spend the morning and early afternoon with us. We also kept things simple and it made for a relaxing day! I've spend most of this evening uploading tons of pictures from my camera to the computer (think I had over 500...I know, CRAZY)! After watching the cowboy game together they headed back home. Now it's just me and the girls and it's staying pretty quiet around here. I LOVE this time of year!